Every individual has a unique approach to leading and managing others. Leadership is about more than credentials, titles or seniority. So, what does a leader look like? What are the specific skills that help them motivate and guide others toward the execution of a common goal?

We partner with each leader to create action-oriented, development roadmaps focused on sustainable results. We walk alongside your organization to identify your people development needs, then help you discover a hands-on approach that advances your organization’s vision.

LeaderNow's customized organizational and leadership development approach incorporates your organization’s culture, leadership capabilities, and objectives. We use these dynamics to build leadership skills and means that your leaders will begin using at once.

We believe that self-awareness and self-mastery are critical to leadership success. Both qualities provide initial insight and ongoing methods to continue growth.

Development Through Practical, Real-World Applications
For organizational leadership training to be successful, leaders must see it as something to be honed over time through relationships in the workplace, and not as a classroom activity. We create a culture of “learning through leading and leading through learning” through executive leadership development strategies that include assessments, tools and coaching to sustain the learning back on the job.

Based on our assessment, we design organizational leadership training that has the greatest influence on your organization’s unique needs and goals. We consider the context and culture of the organization and the level of leaders being trained as your customized leadership process is created.

Executive Coaching – The value of using an executive coach is that very few executives receive honest open feedback because of the power of their position. The two main executive coaching methods are diagnosis and development. The executive coach uses direct observation, leadership assessments, and personality assessments to diagnose the strengths and challenges of the executive and then helps the executive implement a development plan to measure improvement.