About Bert Ross

Bert Ross is a strategic thinker and practitioner in today’s marketplace and dwells on ways to help others move to the next level in their professional and personal development. His industry experience spans 30+ years in both the corporate sector and non-profit market where he has worn hats such as Chief Human Resource Officer, National Next Level Leadership Director and Chief Executive Officer.

Bert’s experience allows him to walk alongside your organization to identify your people development needs then helps you discover a hands-on approach that advances your organization’s vision. He uses his experience and expertise to energize your organization's productivity.

 Bert has over 30 years’ experience as a trainer/facilitator in the areas of leadership and organizational development. He has seen, lived, led and taught leadership now for decades, his solid academic approach has laid the mental model background, his roles, locations and goals have seasoned him with some of the best people and some of the best and most efficient organizations in the world.

He is a Certified Coach and holds a Professional Certification in Human Resource Management with the Society of Human Resource Management. He is a Channel Partner with Ken Blanchard Facilitating Situational Leadership in organizations around the US. He is an expert in the application of DiSC in  facilitating  personal and team development. 

Bert graduated from Columbia Int. University with a B.S. in Education and has a Master's degree in Leadership Development and Organizational Leadership from Trinity Graduate School and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development from Clemson University. He is currently in the final phase of his dissertation, “Developing Strategies for Healthy Self-Aware Leaders.”

He has known intimately both the corporate and the nonprofit side of leadership, the insights, tools and strategies for leading and coaching. Some leadership resources are academic, some are theoretical and some are practical; Bert Ross is a combination of all three. He is a leader and a coach, who can visualize the goal, move others to collaborate and to get the team to the right destination....with the learning, leading and life impacting attitude that make them want more.

Dr. Jim A. Smith
Board Certified Coach
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